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At LRC, we offer free technical assistance to our loan clients to help them find the greatest success. Rochelle Evans, owner of Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique, has looked to LRC for help with financial questions, promotions, business strategy, and more.

At LRC, we strive to help Milwaukee small businesses and nonprofit organizations succeed, at all levels. That’s why along with innovative lending products, we offer free and customized technical assistance to help you access the knowledge, tools and resources your business needs. For all LRC loan clients, technical assistance is a requirement to pre- and post-loan closing. We’re also happy to offer technical assistance to start-ups and other businesses, whether or not a loan is needed, to help you reach your business goals.

Business Technical Assistance

LRC offers guidance on business plan development, advice on basic accounting and record-keeping systems and can help you understand critical expenses. We can also serve as a resource for license or permit application, government and corporate procurement processes, legal needs, company staffing and other areas that are vital to your bottom line.

Housing and Real Estate Technical Assistance

We can help you assess the financial feasibility of your housing or commercial development project. This may include assistance with cash flow projections, asset management and identifying additional financing from public and private sources. We also offer guidance with site reviews, such as environmental assessments, pre-condition surveys for rehabilitation and evaluation of the location of your project. We also provide assistance with construction management concerns, which may include ensuring construction standards and understanding building codes and restrictions.
Through these and other services tailored to each business’s specific needs, we help to ensure that you are able to not only repay your loan, but that you develop the skills and vision needed to succeed long-term.

To learn more about our technical assistance, email us now or call 414.343.0163.

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