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Oguis Auto Repair

Jose and Zular Rodriguez opened Oguis Auto Repair in 2007, with Jose providing expert vehicle care and Zular handling day-to-day operations. Today, the small business has added two more employees and serves hundreds of area customers with high quality, timely auto repair and service.

In 2013, however, Oguis Auto Repair’s future did not seem as bright. As Zular recalled, they were in danger of losing their building, which they co-owned with a family member.

“Our bank told us that they didn’t want to continue with commercial loans, and we needed to find other funding,”

Zular shared. “We talked to a lot of banks, but our credit wasn’t the best. We were having trouble finding financing.”

Fortunately, the Rodriguezes were referred to LRC, where they found the hope and help that they needed.

“Our lawyer suggested we call Legacy, and it was a different experience from the start,” Zular said. “They returned my call right away, and invited us to meet with them. They didn’t judge us as others had.”

“At LRC, we weigh many factors prior to making a loan decision,” explained Ngozie Omegbu, LRC’s Chief Operations Officer. “While credit history is important, we also take the time to talk with individuals, review business plans and assess each situation on individual data and merits.” She added, “LRC offers creative financial products that help clients like Jose and Zular, who otherwise would fall through the cracks in the traditional loan market.”

The initial loan to Zular and Jose in 2013 proved to be a sound risk, and LRC recently helped the couple with a second round of financing to buy out the other family member. In 2016, the Rodriguezes became the proud sole owner of their building

Because its clients are often inexperienced in the business world, LRC offers free, customized technical assistance to help small businesses access the knowledge, tools and resources they need. In fact, technical assistance is a requirement to pre- and post-loan closing for all LRC clients.

Zular and Jose have put LRC’s technical assistance to continued good use.

“Legacy has helped us so much,” Zular said. “They suggested we find a different accountant, showed us how to pay our new employees, helped us find the contractors we needed, and much more.” She added, “When I feel lost about how to do something for our business, I know that I can turn to Legacy.”

Oguis Auto Repair is located at 3607 N. Richards Street in Milwaukee. The business offers full-service automotive repair Monday through Saturday. Learn more at

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