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P3 Development Group

When Genyne Edwards, JD, found the ideal location for her business in April 2015, she took immediate action to purchase the building. Located just north of downtown — less than a mile from the arena development district — the non-traditional property at 1916 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive was exactly what she envisioned for P3 Development Group. P3 is a social solutions design firm that Edwards runs with her business partner, Dominique Samari, JD. The Schunecht building, circa 1874, had been restored for use as an office/residence or duplex. It was move-in ready and in a neighborhood on the brink of revitalization.

“I knew the building and location would be perfect,” Genyne shared. “The current owner was very invested in his property, so we had to move quickly to secure financing.”

According to Genyne, LRC was her first, and only, choice for a lender, and the loan process was timely and seamless.

“P3 was a new firm, so we assumed we’d face difficult hurdles,” Genyne said. “We knew people who were more established than us who’d had challenges with lenders.”

She continued, “But LRC immediately got us. They understood what we were all about and what we wanted to accomplish in the community. The missions of our two organizations aligned so well, and we just synced.”

Genyne recalls that symmetry of working with LRC. “It was very cool to be at the table and see young professionals of color, who look just like you, sitting on the other side. “She added, “LRC is right in our neighborhood, so we continue to see each other at events and now work together on projects.”

Following the closing in July 2015, P3 immediately settled into their new home — which they call a “collaborative space” — and got down to work. Today, the two partners regularly team with individuals and consulting firms to bridge divides that hinder progress in the city and work together to guide nonprofit, governments and private businesses to drive change and produce better results. P3 is directly involved with a variety of organizations and projects in Milwaukee, including the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, the Greater

Milwaukee Foundation, the Milwaukee Streetcar Project, Radio Milwaukee and MKE United.

The partners believe that having a shared desire to make their community a better place to live is one of the reasons P3 and LRC make such a good team. “Some people just talk about change. We make it happen,” Dominique said.

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